Heat sealing and shrinking

In this service, the product is placed in a heat-shrinkable foil, then the product is sealed inside with a special angular sealer. After that, the product is directed to the tunnel where the foil shrinks. The effect of this action is the aesthetic appearance of the product. This service effectively protects against dirt and moisture. It also facilitates the subsequent collective packaging and labeling of goods for retail sale.

Confectioning / Co-packing

The offer is addressed to all trading companies, importing goods or producing them in wholesale quantities. The service consists in repackaging products from collective packaging to unit packaging in accordance with the needs of buyers. Most often they are various kinds of pouches with hangers for sale in supermarkets. Co-packing also means creating various sets or promotional packages.

Cottage industry

This service is in fact strongly related to confectioning. The distinguishing feature is that our company, thanks to a large group of cooperating people, is able to repack very large amounts of goods in a short time.